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EELIC supply 3D Print resolusion.


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EELIC supply 3D Design service & 3D format files free Download.

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Online Shop

EELIC 3D Printer & Spare Parts Online Sale.

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Some Features

EELIC 3D Printer TDP-200MM
Build volume: 200mm x 200mm x 150mm
Layer resolution : 0.1-0.5mm
Setting accuracy : XY:0.02 Z:0.01
Filament diameter: 1.75mm
Nozzle diameter : 0.4mm
Operating system : Windows/Mac/Linux/SD Card
View it online --> TDP-200MM Video
Buy it online   --> Lazada - Tokopedia

EELIC 3D Printer TDP-200 Sapre Part GCODE Files.
Unzip password: eelic
Download  --> TDP-200MM GCODE ( 8.45 MB )
Driver for EELIC 3D Printer TDP-200mm.
Unzip password: eelic
Download  -->  WINDOWS  -  LINUX  -  MAC

EELIC 3D Design files, Unzip password: eelic
3D Design files format STL for animals, including elephant, dragon, snowman.
Download --> Animal ( 12.7 MB )
3D Design files format STL for arts, including love, trash art, world map, 12 X chinese zodiac.
Download --> Art( 117 MB )
3D Design files format STL for characters, including hitman, iron man, zombie hunter.
Download --> Character ( 6.2 MB )
3D Design files format STL for fashion, including iphone HP cover, samsung HP cover, hello kitty, high heal.
Download --> Fashion ( 9.7 MB )
3D Design files format STL for living, including vase, bird cage, boxes, cup, lamp, candel stick.
Download --> Living ( 28.1 MB )
3D Design files format STL for machine & building, including church, dragon column, eiffel tower.
Download --> Machine & Building ( 14.2 MB )
3D Design files format STL for toy & tools, including wench, hammer, mask.
Download --> Toy & Tools ( 1.5 MB )

Cura 3D Slicing Software Version 15.04.
Unzip password: eelic
Download --> Cura Slicing ( 19.6 MB )
Cura 3D Slicing Software PDF Manual.
View --> Cura Manual
Cura 3D Slicing Software. More Infomation...
View --> Cura Online

Repetier Host Version 1.5.6 for EELIC 3D Printer.
Unzip password: eelic
Download--> Repetier Host ( 31.5 MB )
Repetier Host Online Support Manual.
View --> Repetier Manual
Repetier Host Online. More Information...
View --> Repetier Online

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